So, You think you are Smart??

This blog is the result of a recent puzzle challenge with some of my brainy work friends and my determination to outwit them!

So, just how smart are you? Join in the puzzle fun and see just how clever you are.

To enter the competition, your answer  should be added as a comment to the puzzle blog entry. You MUST include your justification to be eligible to win.

The first correct answer posted, with the correct justification, wins.

Previous incorrect answers do not eliminate you from the competition (i.e. you can enter as many times as you like).

The competition is open to anyone, i.e. you don’t need to know me to join in.

I reserve the absolute right to delete any comments, including spam, abusive or otherwise inappropriate comments from the blog and eliminate them from consideration as a winner.

I will post the answer and winner approximately one month after the initial posting of the puzzle.

Prizes will be announced when the puzzle is posted and available for pick up in Melbourne CBD by arrangement, or, where feasible, sent by snail-mail. At this point in time, physical prizes will not be sent to entrants located outside Australia.

If you’d like to donate a prize, I will include your company logo and/or website link in the monthly puzzle blog entry. Contact me at SoYouThinkYoureSmart at to be considered.

My determination of the winner is final. No correspondence shall be entered into (unless I feel like it).

There may be special prizes awarded for outstanding creativity, cuteness, bizarreness or an incorrect answer that appears more correct than the correct answer. So, basically, for any reason I see fit. A prize may or may not be associated with my special awards.

Puzzle suggestions can be emailed to SoYouThinkYoureSmart at

Winners can send their photo for inclusion in the “Puzzle Hall of Fame”.  Photos of genitalia or other grossness will not be displayed, however creative (or photo-shopped) pictures can be used, as long as they do not breach copyright.

Of course there is considerable status associated with being one of the first winners – in all categories (whatever they end up being). So hop to it! Solve away!





  1. Love a good puzzle – guess you knew I would sign up for the challenge. Looking forward to the first.

  2. Hi, I’m a friend of Gillian’s and looking forward to these puzzles.

  3. […] So, You think you are Smart?? […]

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